Accepted papers

1.Nikolay Bazhenov, Manat Mustafa, Sergei Ospichev and Luca San Mauro. Approximating approximate reasoning: Fuzzy sets and the Ershov hierarchy

2.Gaia Belardinelli and Rasmus K. Rendsvig. Epistemic Planning with Attention as a Bounded Resource

3.Ramit Das, Anantha Padmanabha and R. Ramanujam. Reasoning in large games with unboundedly many players

4.Yifeng Ding, Jixin Liu and Yanjing Wang. Hypergraphs, local reasoning, and weakly aggregative modal logic

5.Huimin Dong, Xu Li and Yì N. Wáng. Weighted Modal Logic in Epistemic and Deontic Contexts

6.Rustam Galimullin and Thomas Ågotnes. Dynamic Coalition Logic: Granting and Revoking Dictatorial Powers

7.Tor Hagland and Thomas Ågotnes. Crossing Hands in the Russian Cards Problem

8.Wesley Holliday, Chase Norman and Eric Pacuit. Voting Theory in the Lean Theorem Prover

9.Yanjun Li. Multi-Agent Conformant Planning with Distributed Knowledge

10.Kaiyang Lin. Discrete linear temporal logic with Knowing-value operator

11.Hitoshi Omori and Jonas R. B. Arenhart. A generalization of ordered-pair semantics

12.Yu Peng, Zhe Lin and Fei Liang. On the finite model property of weak intuitionistic tense logic

13.Lorenzo Rossi and Riccardo Bruni. Truth meets vagueness: Unifying the Semantic and the Soritical Paradoxes

14.Giorgio Sbardolini. Assertion, Rejection, and Semantic Universals

15.Igor Sedlar and Andrew Tedder. Situated Epistemic Updates

16.Xingchi Su, Barteld Kooi, Rineke Verbrugge and Davide Grossi. How Knowledge Triggers Obligation: A Dynamic Logic of Knowledge-based Conditional Obligation

17.Youan Su, Ryo Murai and Katsuhiko Sano. On Artemov and Protopopescu's Intuitionistic Epistemic Logic Expanded with Distributed Knowledge

18.Alberto Termine, Giuseppe Primiero and Fabio Aurelio D'Asaro. Checking accuracy and trustworthiness of explaining agents

19.Xun Wang. Completeness theorems for \exists\Box-fragment of first-order modal logic

20.Xuefeng Wen and Xincheng Luo. Representation Results for Non-cumulative Logics 

21.Kaibo Xie and Jialiang Yan. A Logic for Desire Based on Causal Inference

22.Mina Young Pedersen, Marija Slavkovik and Sonja Smets. Social Bot Detection as a Temporal Logic Model Checking Problem