Welcome to LORI-2019 (LORI-VII)


The International Conference on Logic, Rationality and Interaction (LORI) conference series aims at bringing together researchers working on a wide variety of logic-related fields that concern the understanding of rationality and interaction. The series aims at fostering a view of Logic as an interdisciplinary endeavor, and supports the creation of an East-Asian community of interdisciplinary researchers.

We invite submission of contributed papers on any of the broad themes of the LORI series; specific topics of interest include, but are not limited to, formal approaches to

  • agency
  • argumentation and agreement
  • belief representation
  • cooperation
  • belief revision and belief merging
  • strategic reasoning
  • games
  • decision making and planning
  • knowledge and action
  • epistemology
  • dynamics of informational attitudes
  • knowledge representation
  • interaction
  • norms and normative systems
  • natural language
  • rationality
  • philosophy and philosophical logic
  • preference and utility
  • social choice
  • probability and uncertainty
  • social interaction
  • intentions, plans, and goals
  • You can learn more LORI information from Past and Future Conferences.