CONFERENCE  Conference Program

Oct. 28 Oct. 29 Oct. 30 Oct. 31
Registration & Coffee
Vice President of YMU, Vice President for International Affairs of NTU, Chair of LOC Prof. Fenrong Liu, Prof. Johan van Benthem
Invited Speech
Chair: Fenrong Liu
Branden Fitelson:
"Two Approaches to Belief Revision"
Invited Speech
Chair: Linton Wang
Churn-Jung Liau:
"Bisimilarity in Social Network: From Privacy Preservation to Concept Mining"
Invited Speech
Chair: Churn-Jung Liau
Joshpe Halpern:
"Language-based Games"
Session 1A:
Chair: Beishui Liao
2 long papers
Session 2A:
Chair: Fenrong Liu
2 short papers
Session 3A:
Chair: Linton Wang
2 short papers
Coffee Break
Session 4A:
Chair: Churn-Jung Liau
2 short papers
Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break & Posters
Invited Speech
Chair: Beishui Liao
Maria Aloni:
"You and I in Modal Logic"
Session 2B:
Chair: Jonathon Hricko
3 short papers
Session 3B:
Chair: Minghui Ma
3 short papers
Session 4B:
Chair: Yanjing Wang
2 short papers
Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
Session 1B:
Chair: Jeu-Jenq Yuann
3 short papers
Social Event:
Session 3C:
Chair: Cheng-chih Tsai
3 short papers
Session 4C:
Chair: Duen-Min Deng
2 long papers
Poster session:
Chair: Jeu-Jenq Yuann
6 presentations
Coffee Break & Posters Coffee Break
Session 1C:
Chair: Jeu-Jenq Yuann
1 long paper
Session 3D:
Chair: Cheng-chih Tsai
2 long papers
Invited Speech
Chair: Kok Yong Lee
Eric Pacuit:
"Reasoning about beliefs in games: From beliefs about mistakes to mistaken beliefs"
Coffee Break & Posters
Invited Speech
Chair: Bow-Yaw Wang
Fenrong Liu:
"Information Flow in Social Settings"
Coffee Break & Posters
Session 3E:
Chair: Wen-fang Wang
3 short papers
17:30 Social Event:
Welcome Banquet
Social Event:
Farewell Banquet

Oct. 28
1A: 2 long papers (30 minutes each)
  1. Tudor Protopopescu: Intuitionistic Epistemology and Modal Logics of Verification
  2. Johan van Benthem, Jan Van Eijck, Malvin Gattinger and Kaile Su: Symbolic Model Checking for Dynamic Epistemic Logic
1B: 3 short papers (20 minutes each)
  1. Rasmus K. Rendsvig: Model Transformers for Dynamical Systems of Dynamic Epistemic Logic
  2. Shota Motoura: A General Framework for Modal Correspondence in Dynamic Epistemic Logic
  3. Peter Hawke and Shane Steinert-Threlkeld: Informational Dynamics of "Might" Assertions
1C: 1 long paper (30 minutes)
  1. Keming Chen and Daniel Rubio: Great Expectations

Oct. 29
2A: 2 short papers (20 minutes each)
  1. Konstantinos Georgatos: Graph-Based Belief Merging
  2. Beishui Liao and Huaxin Huang: Formulating Semantics of Probabilistic Argumentation By Characterizing Subgraphs
2B: 3 short papers (20 minutes each)
  1. Can Baskent: Game Theoretical Semantics for Paraconsistent Logics
  2. Sujata Ghosh, Tamoghna Halder, Khyati Sharma and Rineke Verbrugge: Human strategic reasoning in dynamic games: Experiments, logics, cognitive models
  3. Declan Thompson and Jeremy Seligman: Boolean Network Games and Iterated Boolean Games

Oct. 30
3A: 2 short papers (20 minutes each)
  1. Sujata Ghosh and Fernando RVelázquez-Quesada: A note on reliability-based preference dynamics
  2. Wen-Fang Wang: Three-Valued Plurivaluationism of Vague Predicates
3B: 3 short papers (20 minutes each)
  1. Willem Conradie, Sabine Frittella, Alessandra Palmigiano and Apostolos Tzimoulis: Probabilistic Epistemic Updates on Algebras
  2. Yanjun Li: Tableau for Single-agent Epistemic PDL with Perfect Recall and No Miracles
  3. Fengkui Ju, Nana Cui and Shujiao Li: Trace Semantics for IPDL
3C: 3 short papers (20 minutes each)
  1. Norihiro Kamide: A Decidable Temporal Relevant Logic for Time-Dependent Relevant Human Reasoning
  2. Thomas Bolander and Nina Gierasimczuk: Learning Actions Models: Qualitative Approach
  3. Geghard Bedrosian, Alessandra Palmigiano and Zhiguang Zhao: Generalized Ultraproduct and Kirman-Sondermann Correspondence for Vote Abstention
3D: 2 long papers (30 minutes each)
  1. Alexander Kocurek: On the Expressivity of First-Order Modal Logic with "Actually"
  2. Guillaume Aucher, Johan van Benthem and Davide Grossi: Sabotage Modal Logic: Some Model Theoretic Aspects and Open Questions
3E: 3 short papers (20 minutes each)
  1. Minghui Ma and Jeremy Seligman: Algebraic Semantics for Dynamic Dynamic Logic
  2. Thomas Raleigh: An argument for Permissivism from safespots
  3. Dominik Klein, Olivier Roy and Norbert Gratzl: Introspection, normality and agglomeration

Oct. 31
4A: 2 short papers (20 minutes each)
  1. Yanjing Wang: A logic of knowing how
  2. Andreas Herzig, Emiliano Lorini and Faustine Maffre: A poor man’s epistemic logic based on propositional assignment and higher-order observation
4B: 2 short papers (20 minutes each)
  1. Kok Yong Lee: Causal Models and the Ambiguity of Counterfactuals
  2. Alessandra Marra and Dominik Klein: An Integrated Model for Norms, Intentions and Actions
4C: 2 long papers (30 minutes each)
  1. Maria Esteban, Alessandra Palmigiano and Zhiguang Zhao: An abstract algebraic logic view on Judgment Aggregation
  2. Haim Gaifman and Yang Liu: State Dependent Utilities in Savage’s System

poster session:
  1. Umberto Rivieccio and Zeinab Bakhtiari: Epistemic Updates on Algebras
  2. Brian Kim: Solving the Hi-Lo Puzzle
  3. Aaron Hunter: Infinite Ordinals and Finite Improvement
  4. Benya Fallenstein, Jessica Taylor and Paul Christiano: Reflective Oracles: A Foundation for Game Theory in Artificial Intelligence
  5. Michael Cohen: A Dynamic Epistemic Logic with a Knowability Principle
  6. Chiher Yang: Translating a Counterpart Theory into a Quantified Modal Language with Descriptors