October 10-13,2011,Guangzhou(Canton),P.R.China

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  Accepted Paper  
  Accepted Long Paper (Oral Presentation)
  1. Wiebe Van Der Hoek, Petar Iliev and Michael Wooldridge. Knowledge and Action in Semi-Public Environments
  2. Davide Grossi. An Application of Model Checking Games to Abstract Argumentation
  3. Floris Roelofsen. Algebraic foundations for inquisitive semantics
  4. Yì N. Wáng and Thomas Ågotnes. Public Announcement Logic with Distributed Knowledge
  5. Yanjing Wang. On Axiomatizations of Public Announcement Logic
  6. Wesley Holliday, Tomohiro Hoshi and Thomas Icard. Schematic Validity in Dynamic Epistemic Logic: Decidability
  7. Minghui Ma and Meiyun Guo. Logics of Belief over Weighted Structures
  8. François Schwarzentruber. Seeing, knowledge and common knowledge
  9. Jonas De Vuyst. Minimal Revision and Classical Kripke Models: First Results
  10. Alistair Isaac and Tomohiro Hoshi. Taking Mistakes Seriously: Equivalence Notions for Game Scenarios with Off Equilibrium Play
  11. Pavel Naumov and Brittany Nicholls. Game Semantics for the Geiger-Paz-Pearl Axioms of Independence
  12. Christian W. Bach and Jérémie Cabessa. Agreeing to Disagree with Limit Knowledge
  13. Benedikt Löwe, Eric Pacuit and Andreas Witzel. DEL planning and some tractable cases
  14. Xuefeng Wen, Hu Liu and Fan Huang. An Alternative Logic for Knowability
  15. Olivier Roy and Eric Pacuit. A Dynamic Analysis of Interactive Rationality
  16. Ka Fat Chow. A Semantic Model for Vague Quantifiers combining Fuzzy Theory and Supervaluation Theory
  17. Satoru Suzuki. Measurement-Theoretic Foundations of Probabilistic Model of JND-Based Vague Predicate Logic
  18. Levan Uridia and Dirk Walther. An Epistemic Logic with Hypotheses
  19. Chongli Zou, Kesheng Li and Lu Zhang. The Categorial Logic of Vacuous Components in Natural Language
  20. Minghui Ma. Mathematics of Public Announcements
  21. Sun Xin. Conditional Ought VS Ought About Conditionals
  22. Fengkui Ju and Fenrong Liu. Update Semantics for Imperatives with Priorities
  23. Beishui Liao. Partial Semantics of Argumentation
  24. Mamoru Kaneko and Nobu-Yuki Suzuki. A Measure of Inference in Classical and Intuitionistic Logics
  25. Emiliano Lorini. A dynamic logic of knowledge, graded beliefs and graded goals and its application to emotion modelling
Accepted 2-Page Abstract (Poster Presentation)
  1. Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh, Minghui Ma and Alessandra Palmigiano. Algebraic semantics and model completeness for Intuitionistic Public Announcement Logic
  2. Zhen Liang and Jeremy Seligman. The Dynamics of Peer Pressure
  3. Jan Van Eijck, Floor Sietsma and Sunil Simon. Reflections on Vote Manipulation
  4. Zhaoqing Xu. Capturing Lewis's ''Elusive Knowledge''
  5. Can Baskent. A Logic for Strategy Updates
  6. Sujata Ghosh, Sumit Sourabh and Rineke Verbrugge.Playing extensive form negotiation games: a tool-based analysis
  7. Zuojun Xiong and Jeremy Seligman. A logic of questions for rational choice
  8. Jianfeng Du, Yong Hu, Charles Ling, Ming Fan and Mei Liu. Efficient Action Extraction with Many-to-Many Relationship between Actions and Features
  9. Min Tang. Bayesianism, Eliminative Induction and Logical Reliability
  10. Tianqun Pan. On Logic of Belief-disagreement among Agents




  • Title+Abstract: June 1, 2011
  • Submission: June 8,2011
  • Notification: June 25, 2011
  • CameraReady: July 15, 2011
  • Conference: October 10-13,2011



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