Oct 26-29, 2023
School of Philosophy and Social Development, Institute of Concept and Reasoning
Shandong University, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China

Accepted Papers

Full papers

Yu Peng and Yiheng Wang On the Finite Model Property of Non-normal Modal Logics
Minkyung Wang Aggregating Credences into Beliefs: Threshold-based Approaches
Pengfei Song Belief Base: A Minimal Logic of Fine-grained Information Dynamics
Jingzhi Fang and Jiji Zhang A Characterization of Lewisian Causal Models
Yifeng Ding Modal Logics with Non-rigid Propositional Designators
Ramit Das, R. Ramanujam and Sunil Simon A logical description of Priority Separable Games
Tianyi Chu Indicative Conditionals in Awareness Framework
Thomas Ågotnes and Chiaki Sakama A formal analysis of Hollis' Paradox
Bo Hong Knowing the Value of a Predicate
Juntong Guo and Minghui Ma Epistemic Monadic Boolean Algebras
Shawn Standefer Hyperintensionality in relevant logics
Yanjun Li and Jiajie Zhao A Temporal Logic for Successive Events
Shiguang Feng The expressive power of revised Datalog on problems with closure properties
Alexander Bochman An Inferential Theory of Causal Reasoning
Sizhuo Liu and Katsuhiko Sano Non-labelled Sequent Calculi of Public Announcement Expansions of K45 and S5
Jenny Yi-Chen Wu Is Epistemic Competence Not a Skill?
Wei Zhao Belief Revision with Satisfaction Measure
Hans van Ditmarsch, Louwe B. Kuijer and Mo Liu An Arrow-based Dynamic Logic of Normative Systems and Its Decidability

Short papers

Wei Xiong Cooperation Mechanisms for the Prisoner's Dilemma with Bayesian Games
Sean Dudley The Instrumental Syllogism and the Calculation of Utility: Two stages or two modes of representing practical inference?
David Streit, Vincent de Wit and Aleks Knoks Modeling Normative Reasons in Weighted Argumentation Graphs
Jie Fan Unknown Truths and Unknowable Truths
Xingchi Su Making Norms and Following Norms
Zhengyi Hong Metaphor Comprehension in Situations
Dimitar Guelev Of Temporary Coalitions in Terms of Concurrent Game Models, Announcements, and Temporal Projection
Luis Estrada-González and Miguel Ángel Trejo-Huerta Connexivity meets Church and Ackermann