Award & Grant


We are pleased to announce that the best student paper will be selected from the papers accepted for presentation at LORI VI, and be awarded the prize of 60,000 Japanese Yen (approximately 500 Euro). This is made possible by the generous support from Tsinghua University - University of Amsterdam Joint Research Centre for Logic.

Any paper authored by a student will be considered as a student paper. A coauthored paper will be considered as a student paper only if all the coauthors are students. By ``student'' we mean those who are regular graduate students or undergraduate students at the time of LORI VI. Those who are students at the time of submitting their papers and who have not yet obtained full-time academic employment at the time of the conference will also be considered as students.

No special application is necessary. Just submitting the paper and registering as a student, for which submission of a photocopy of valid student ID or some other suitable document is required, is enough. Information about registration will be provided on the LORI VI website in due course.


LORI VI is now an ASL(Association for Symbolic Logic)-sponsored meeting. Student ASL members may apply for (limited) ASL travel funds that ASL is making available for sponsored meetings. For more on this, see the page on "Student Travel Awards: ASL or ASL-Sponsored Meetings" in ASL website.

Note that the deadline for student travel grant applications and recommendations for LORI VI is kindly extended to June 30th, 2017.